Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dofollow Profile Link List Vs Nofollow

Dofollow and nofollow blog, actually is the kind of SEO optimization. Especially, for you the bloggers who runs hoby or business on the internet. As on a blog, will use a kind of dofollow, or nofollow. Because, we just need one of those blog, to determine your blog. But, if you had no idea how to choose which blog, first, you must know the characteristic of focusing on both. The meaning is, dofollow profile list link is blog on his few printable comments later, allow search engine in accessing it, on the directions of a link. But, nofollow is the opposite of dofollow.

To discuss further about dofollow profile list link, this blog have a lot of visitors. They are not only visitors who are not blogger, but also the other blogger. Non blogger for the visitors, they all have intent and the purpose of seeking information. But, to the other blogger, they have aims to find backlink. Because of backlink were obtained from when blogger wrote a link on the box of comments. It is a simple way to get backlink, right? So, you can get backlink with such an easy way. But, it does not apply on the nofollow blogs, because in the blog, search engine does not allow them.

About dofollow profile list link and nofollow link, it actually has the good and bad impact. The impact of those you should know to be able to figure that one out. Started from the impact of better than dofollow, are:

• When you a user of dofollow blog, your blog will be searched by the other blogger, so, that traffic will increase.
• Will get many comments that were varied, as by the statement which would give rise to many question and answer, that provides an opportunity for popular, that many blog reading and visit.
• And if you want to get backlink , you could pick just expected to dofollow blog.

In addition, to the impact of these good that into an advantage for the owners dofollow blog or prospector dofollow, blog there are what the lacked. To the negative impacts of dofollow profile link list is that for the owner blog dofollow, are:

• We become to prone and perhaps to develop banned by google.
• Can give rise to blog spam.
• Can give rise to the presence of bad comment that does not conform with the blog.
• Be able to raise pagerank down, due the action of the spammer on your blogs.

Besides dofollow profile link list, you can be an owner nofollow blog are the type, because of excess you will get too much. That makes the bloggers to choose type nofollow for his blog. It is a blog that really affect kindness itself, are:

• Can provide dofollow blog pagerank in get high and qualified.
• Gain from a more in search engine.
• Can give the best in search engine for the high pagerank.
• Your SERP blog will get better and better.

Not also a dofollow profile link list, nofollow blog also having a bad effect. The negative effects for the owner nofollow blog that are: will be desolate of visitors and did not get a comment. It has already been certainly for received by you so well. Because, a big proportion of visitors just to a seeking for information, not to write a comment, they only read.